South Antarctic Krill Meat Factory Layout (Euphausia superba, Dana)


Description and Information


       The Antarctic krill meat obtained through this processing layout is a final product targeting white tablecloth, HORECA and other human applications.
        It is a delicate seafood, slightly cooked, 100% free of chemicals and solvents.
        It has a soft flavor and whitish color.
        It can be eaten without cooking if desired.

Technical Information

  • Raw material — Whole fresh raw Antarctic krill
  • Processing capacity per line — 10 MT raw whole fresh Antarctic krill/h
  • Working area required for the processing plant (app) — 180-200 sq.
  • Electrical power — 110 KW (380 V, 50 Hz)
  • Installation time —45 days
  • Container-sized transportation needs — 2 to 3 40’DC
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